Tired of low pressure?

Tired of low pressure?

Let Foley’s Pump Service of Danbury, CT install your constant pressure system

Your mornings are busy. Wouldn’t it be great to save time and shower at the same time as the kids – without having to worry about a reduction in water pressure? While conventional systems use a mechanical switch, our constant pressure system uses a variable speed controller and digital pressure sensor to control the speed of your water pump to keep up with your water use. The system only works as hard as it has to, which extends the life of the pump and saves energy.

Feel a difference in your shower with a new constant pressure system from Foley’s Pump Service, Inc.

Never worry about running your washing machine and shower at the same time again

A constant pressure system allows you to run multiple water sources in your home at once, saving you time. With proper sizing and steady water pressure, you can do it all:

  • Wash your dishes
  • Take a shower
  • Flush a toilet
  • Do your laundry

Talk over your water pressure needs with one of our Constant Pressure experts today!