Wash Your Water Pump Worries Away

Foley's Pump Service supplies Danbury, CT, Fairfield County and Westchester County with water pumps, constant pressure and filtration systems

A dependable supply of fresh water is essential to the operation of your home - not only for drinking, but also for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and protecting your plumbing. Make sure your home is served by a water pump and filtration system that can keep up with the demands of your lifestyle.

Owners Jim and Kevin Foley started the company in 1982 with the same goal in mind, to provide top notch and prompt service. Foley's Pump Service, Inc. has been servicing NY & CT residents with the top of the line products and technology to keep their home and business pumps operating smoothly. Find out how Foley's Pump Service can size your system to best fit your water needs.

A pump that performs better

When choosing the right pump for your needs, a number of performance factors should be taken into account. Consider these three aspects:

  • Your pump's capacity measures how much fluid the pump moves in gallons per minute or per hour, and your pump's power measures how forcefully the pump can move the water, measured in horsepower. If the pump has high gallons-per-minute and horsepower ratings, it can move fluid quickly and powerfully.
  • Your pump should be made from durable materials, like sheet metal, stainless steel or cast iron. It can be powered by electricity, gasoline, diesel, hydraulics, natural gas or compressed air.
  • Your pump's head pressure is another measure of its power. The vertical discharge head pressure measures how high the pump can transport water before it loses pressure.

We can replace your water pump with a new, more efficient pump to ensure the best water pressure for your home.

We keep your water running clear

Don't let your water supply go untreated. Our water purification and filtration systems will treat any unwanted and adverse water quality conditions throughout your home.

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